Public Lectures – Mike Riddell – Forbidden Flesh: Subversion and Encounter

Public theology lectures coming up in August in conjunction with the School of Theology at the University of Auckland and St David’s Presbyterian Church.

Mike Riddell
Forbidden Flesh: Subversion and Encounter

School of Theology Annual Lecture
A Brief Fling with an Open Future

Practical theology demands responsiveness to history and culture. Pressed by a postmodern culture that is gloriously unstable, the so-called ‘fixed deposit’ of faith becomes untenable and heretical. Can Christianity be creatively subverted without betraying its roots?
Wednesday 10 August, 7.30pm
Library Theatre B10, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland

A pre-lecture reception will be held at 6.45pm in the lecture theatre foyer.

The Ferguson Lecture
Losing My Religion

Exiled and redundant, where will we hang our harps in the new Babylon? A provocative exploration of the dangerous questions posed by contemporary culture, and possibilities for faith in a new environment. The turn to ‘theology in extremis’ as a survival tactic.
Friday 12 August, 7.30pm
St David’s Presbyterian Church, Kyber Pass Road

More details here: Mike Riddell.pdf

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2 Responses to Public Lectures – Mike Riddell – Forbidden Flesh: Subversion and Encounter

  1. Gary says:

    Hi Stephen,

    do you know if these talks were recorded and are available for download somewhere? I’m curious to hear where Mike Riddell is at these days.


  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Gary,

    The University should be putting the recording up on the Arts web site at some point. Will post when that happens.


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