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2017 Loading Docs – Diversity

Loading Docs is a site I’ve blogged about before which showcases short documentary films from Aotearoa New Zealand. The 2017 films are now up on the site (along with all the previous years). The 2017 collection is themed around Diversity … Continue reading

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On Embryos and Spin | Center for Genetics and Society

An excellent op-ed piece on the way reporting of biotechnology is often reduced, unhelpfully and dangerously, to a “promise” vs. “peril” dichotomy. To do so ignores the many different positions that arise from competing (and misunderstood) values in the interactions … Continue reading

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For the past three days I’ve been attending the annual Theology and Communication conference THEOCOM17 at Santa Clara University in California. The conference describes itself as “A gathering of Theologians on Digital Communication” and this year’s theme is “Digital Shepherding: … Continue reading

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On the beside table

Looking forward to a few weeks of catching up on novels and audiobooks.    

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Latest issue of Gamevironments is out. Source: Gamevironments – Current Papers and Archive (2017)

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Gaming statistics (NZ)

Hunting around on the Internet over the past few weeks looking for some statistics on computer and video gaming in New Zealand. A few links so far: Digital NZ Report 2016: Games are popular mainstream media – NZ Game Developers … Continue reading

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Queen’s Birthday Honours

I am increasingly impressed with The Spinoff’s more in-depth coverage of politics at a local level than the mainstream media (TV or newspaper). Even if you don’t always agree with the conclusions of their articles, you certainly have a lot … Continue reading

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Who should decide the fate of ChristChurch Cathedral? – The Listener

An insightful article in the New Zealand Listener on the ongoing saga around Christchurch’s Anglican cathedral years on from the Canterbury earthquakes. Source: Who should decide the fate of ChristChurch Cathedral? – The Listener At one level, an interesting case … Continue reading

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Protestant Technology Myths

An interesting post over at Michael Sacasas’ “The Frailest Thing” on what he names the myth around the relationship between technology and Protestant Christianity, which he describes like this: The myth, briefly stated in intentionally anachronistic terms, runs something like this. … Continue reading

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Christmas, Sin City and John’s Gospel

Our Christmas Eve evening service focused particularly upon the opening of John’s Gospel with the Word coming into the world – “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.” (Jn 1:9). With glowsticks instead of candles (the … Continue reading

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