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Christmas, Sin City and John’s Gospel

Our Christmas Eve evening service focused particularly upon the opening of John’s Gospel with the Word coming into the world – “The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.” (Jn 1:9). With glowsticks instead of candles (the … Continue reading

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Computer Nostalgia

Walking down Railside Ave in Henderson the other day and saw this old 8-bit Commodore 64 system with paddles, joystick and floppy drive for sale in the secondhand shop. Overcome with nostalgia (in a very geeky kind of way), I’ve … Continue reading

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Loading Docs 2016

A selection of short documentaries from the Loading Docs 2016 collection, hosted by Radio New Zealand. RNZ is proud to present three short documentaries from Loading Docs 2016. Watch all here, including one that delves into a friendship in transition. … Continue reading

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Serendipities – Len Hjalmarson

In a little while, Len Hjalmarson will join us at Laidlaw College (Henderson) to teach an intensive course on missional leadership. Len and I connected initially through the Wikiklesia project back in 2007, and more recently through our mutual activities … Continue reading

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Robotic hand that learns from experience

An article following on from the one the other day – though from a different source. This time, work on creating a hand with human-like dexterity as part of a larger project to create robots that interact with the everyday … Continue reading

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Robots to be taught how to feel pain

While we’re working to insulate ourselves from pain, we’re also working to make robots feel it. Makes for some interesting ethical scenarios about both human and machine pain. An artificial nervous system aimed at teaching robots how to feel pain … Continue reading

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Ellul, Technique & Confronting the Technological Society

Had occasion to direct a student to Jacques Ellul’s work the other day to look at his idea of la technique seen as ‘the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given stage of development) … Continue reading

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Free e-Book on quest for longevity

With my ongoing interest in the area of bioethics and transhumanism an email mentioning this free eBook from the University of Chicago Press piqued my interest today. Will load it up on the eReader and have a skim through it. … Continue reading

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Nonprofit WP: WordPress Guide for Nonprofits

This looks like a helpful site with advice for setting up the WordPress content management system. It’s aimed at non-profits, but some useful basic information there. Source: Nonprofit WP: WordPress Guide for Nonprofits

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Reading the landscape…

Interesting article that came across my desk today. David Pritchett explores how we can ‘read’ the cultural landscape and become more educated about the ‘invisible structures’ that exclude people from the land and from the wider permaculture movement. See: Settlers … Continue reading

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