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Foveran Scholarships

New scholarship at the University of Auckland for postgraduate study in Theology.

Foveran Scholarships

Value of Award: up to $20,000
No. of awards: Varies
Tenure:1 year

The Scholarships were established in 2009 and are funded by a retired University of Auckland staff member.

The purpose of these Scholarships is to enable students who have obtained a degree from the School of Theology or another approved theological institution to enrol in postgraduate study at The University of Auckland or an approved overseas theological institution, and thus accept opportunities which they might not otherwise be able to undertake.

Selection process:

  • Full or part-time enrolment in a Postgraduate Diploma or Honours, Masters or PhD degree at The University of Auckland School of Theology, or an equivalent postgraduate qualification at another recognised theological institution approved by the Head of the School of Theology.
  • The basis of selection will be academic merit, financial need and the nature of the proposed postgraduate study.

You can find more information on scholarship at the link below:

Foveran Scholarships – The University of Auckland

More on bibliography software

Tim’s recent post SansBlogue: Referencing for the financially challenged generated a few comments, so he’s followed it up with SansBlogue: Zotero is brilliant, and integrates nicely which includes some movies of how Zotero works in practice.

I have Zotero installed on the old iBook and it’s integration with MS Word v.X for Mac is quite painless and seems to work well. Certainly I think it’d be useful for working on shorter documents (essays, articles and chapters) providing you were using a common citation style.

Of interest particularly to biblical scholars is Zotero Forums – Using Zotero with the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style. SBL with EndNote is supported (see here), though it is only for versions later than EndNote 9, I think.

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