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Spirituality and Cancer: Christian Encounters

I’m looking forward to the book launch next week of “Spirituality and Cancer: Christian Encounters”, edited by my friends and colleagues Caroline Blyth (University of Auckland) and Tim Meadowcroft (Laidlaw College). The book is a collection of papers delivered at a ‘Spirituality, Theology and Cancer’ Laidlaw/University of Auckland symposium held at the University of Auckland in February 2014.

Cancer disturbs most lives at some point. The contributors to this book all seek to find meaning within that experience, as carers, sufferers, medical professionals, pastors, theologians, and scientists. They offer no easy answers, but speak with an honesty that reveals the anguish and hope that arises from the presence of cancer in our world. The result is a rich reflection on the spiritual and theological meaning of cancer.

Book Contents

  • Caroline Blyth: Introduction

Part I: Personal Responses

  • Catriona Gorton: Public Faith and Private Pain: A Quest for Authenticity
  • Alistair McBride: Dancing with Cancer: A Different Metaphor
  • Brian Brandon: A Healer in Need of Healing

Part II: Practical and Public Responses

  • David Nuualiitia: The Practice of Presence in a Hospice Context
  • Hannah Walker: Soul Nursing in Palliative Care: Spiritual Care of the Dying
  • Caroline Blyth: A Pilgrim’s Progress: Learning to Journey with the Dying Patient
  • Briar Peat: The Physician, Cancer, and Spirituality
  • Stephen Garner: Jesus Heals? Faith Claims in the Public Square

Part III:Theological and Theoretical Responses

  • Jeffery Tallon: Physics, Free Will, and Cancer
  • Tim Meadowcroft: Eternity and Dust? Considering Humanity, Cancer, and God
  • T. Mark McConnell: The Disruptive Power of Christian Hope: Suffering, Cancer, and Theological Meaning
  • Sue Patterson: Fruitful Dominion or Hubris? Creation, Vocation, and Cancer
  • Nicola Hoggard Creegan: A Whole New Life: Hope in the Face of Evil
  • Bob Robinson: “Cancer is Not a Disease. It is a Phenomenon”: Finding God in a Cancer-Strewn World


  • Richard Egan: Spirituality and Cancer: “Not a Saccharine Additive”
  • Tim Meadowcroft: Finding Hope and Yearning for Love

For those in the Auckland area, this Spirituality and Cancer volume will have it’s official launch on 13 November. The invitation is below and consider yourselves all warmly welcomed. RSVP to Accent Publications (e-mail included below)


The book will be available at the event and later through the Accent Publications web site:

Future visions and environmentalism

A few links on how people’s perception of the future (incl. theological eschatologies) might shape environmental ethics.

Young Evangelicals and Environmentalism?

A (very) brief op-ed piece looking at why (US) young(er) evangelical Christians might be more sympathetic to environmental concerns. See Why Are Young Evangelicals More Likely to Link Their Beliefs With Environmentalism? Jonathan Merritt Answers – Science and Religion Today

Does anyone know where the reports mentioned in the piece might be found? I’ve come across the following which might be one of them – The Barna Group – Evangelicals Go “Green” with Caution.

Lotus Makes Hybrids Sound Like Real Cars

I’d be a bit more skeptical about this if I hadn’t nearly been run over by a Prius a couple of times walking up the hill to work. I guess I’m more reliant on audio cues for crossing the road that I’d like to think I am. See Lotus Makes Hybrids Sound Like Real Cars.

It’s be interesting to see it we ever end up with minimum noise requirements for cars to go with the current maximum noise restrictions.

Also, if I had one of these systems I’d want my car to sound like a Tie Fighter :-)

A Rocha Conference – Eden to Aotearoa: From Biblical Hope to Ecological Action

More details are now available for the A Rocha conference, “Eden to Aotearoa: From Biblical Hope to Ecological Action”, being held at Raglan over 30 May to 2 June.

PowerUp the Game

PowerUp the Game is a venture into creating an engaging 3D world to allow people (particularly children) to engage with environmental images. Looks interesting, though the specs to run it may be beyond everyone’s PC (and there’s no Mac version either).

Hat tip to: Derek’s Blog: Gaming with an environmental focus

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