Future visions and environmentalism

A few links on how people’s perception of the future (incl. theological eschatologies) might shape environmental ethics.

Young Evangelicals and Environmentalism?

A (very) brief op-ed piece looking at why (US) young(er) evangelical Christians might be more sympathetic to environmental concerns. See Why Are Young Evangelicals More Likely to Link Their Beliefs With Environmentalism? Jonathan Merritt Answers – Science and Religion Today

Does anyone know where the reports mentioned in the piece might be found? I’ve come across the following which might be one of them – The Barna Group – Evangelicals Go “Green” with Caution.

Lotus Makes Hybrids Sound Like Real Cars

I’d be a bit more skeptical about this if I hadn’t nearly been run over by a Prius a couple of times walking up the hill to work. I guess I’m more reliant on audio cues for crossing the road that I’d like to think I am. See Lotus Makes Hybrids Sound Like Real Cars.

It’s be interesting to see it we ever end up with minimum noise requirements for cars to go with the current maximum noise restrictions.

Also, if I had one of these systems I’d want my car to sound like a Tie Fighter :-)

PowerUp the Game

PowerUp the Game is a venture into creating an engaging 3D world to allow people (particularly children) to engage with environmental images. Looks interesting, though the specs to run it may be beyond everyone’s PC (and there’s no Mac version either).

Hat tip to: Derek’s Blog: Gaming with an environmental focus

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eDay 2007 – Recycling old computers and mobile phones

EdayIf you’ve got a lot of old computer bits and pieces to get rid of then check out the eDay schedule for next week.

From the eDay 2007 web site:

Electronic waste (e-waste) can seriously harm the environment, wildlife and human health when dumped in landfills.

eDay is a drive-through recycling event which gives you the opportunity to dispose of old computers or mobile phones in an environmentally sustainable way.

eDay 2007 is on Saturday 29 September (9am – 3pm) in 10 locations across the country and Sunday 30 September (10am – 2pm) in Auckland. It’s easy to get involved – and it’s free.