Blogging from your iPod Touch

I was wondering yesterday, with the Wifi and Safari built into the iPod Touch, whether you could blog from it. It appears you can, and there’s a WordPress plugin to format posts for the iPod Touch/iPhone screen size. See WordPress for Ipod Touch (iWPhone)

iPod video recorders

These wee beasties look interesting if you’re looking for easy ways to get video/audio into a video iPod. Being able to shoot video or have a video source, convert it and upload it to the iPod or PSP with little or no need for a computer looks helpful.

See iRecord in one touch and Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2 PLUS.

International Portable Film Festival 2006

Looks interesting.

International Portable Film Festival 2006

The festival works very simply – our films are delivered to you as a video podcast that you can subscribe to through this website. When films are ready they are sent automatically to you, ready for you to watch on your iPod, PlayStation Portable, 3G or media player.

Apple – Nike+iPod

Apple – Nike+iPod combines shoes, exercise and the iPod.

I look forward to the integration of my iPod with my toothbrush. The iBrush (has a WhiteTooth interface) that sends music via your jawbone while you brush etc.

Why stop there? – For those who need them why not the iDentures – suck to advance a track, spit to go back, volume control by the opening and closing your mouth.