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Computer Nostalgia

Walking down Railside Ave in Henderson the other day and saw this old 8-bit Commodore 64 system with paddles, joystick and floppy drive for sale in the secondhand shop. Overcome with nostalgia (in a very geeky kind of way), I’ve … Continue reading

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Starting project – blogging software

One of my tasks for getting the blog back up and going is to look at how software for the Mac, Windows and iOS has progressed over the past few years. I like using a client to write blog posts, … Continue reading

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Apple Church draws iFaithful (Satire)

Ah, satire, my old friend, I’ve missed you. Apple Church draws iFaithful –

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Laptop feet

Three of the little rubber feet on the bottom of the MacBook Pro gave up the ghost over the past 6 months, making the laptop uneven on a flat surface and potentially able to scratch the new wooden table we … Continue reading

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Mac OSX Finder Refresh

Just one of those things that made life a whole lot easier: Mac OSX Finder Refresh – News – Shane’s Site

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iPads in Tertiary Education

So I’m looking at the ways in which new media stuff might work in teaching theology, so a report on a pilot project using iPads for teaching and learning at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne looked like it … Continue reading

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Quite possibly the most useful little application I’ve come across in a while – Jomic – a viewer for comic book archives

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From Mac Portable to MacBook Pro: 20 years of Apple laptops

Nice little article on the development of Mac laptops over the past 20 years. See From Mac Portable to MacBook Pro: 20 years of Apple laptops – Ars Technica. In order of the ones I’ve owned/used… Macintosh Portable (back in … Continue reading

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Safe laptop practises

Having my laptop go AWOL is something I’m always worried about. There are some useful thoughts (albeit from a Mac perspective) about minimising the damage of this over at TidBITS Safe Computing: What I Learned from Having My Laptop Stolen.

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VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop (Part 3)

It’s been a month or so since I posted about my experiences with the Parallels and VMWare Fusion demos. Since then I’ve installed Vista on a Bootcamp partition and that seems to run nicely (though logging in takes for ever) … Continue reading

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