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Double map-making

Two interesting articles on map-making – one in the fictional context and the other for the web with real world data. Both interesting reads. How to Make a Fantasy World Map | 6 Reasons to Get Over Your Fear … Continue reading

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What’s in store for Serenity’s crew after the events of the film?

I’m a huge Firefly/Serenity fan. I’ve got the DVDs, the poster, and all the comics and graphic novels. So I’m hoping this comes to pass. What’s in store for Serenity’s crew after the events of the film? “Firefly: The Complete … Continue reading

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Searching For A New Hero?

A reflection on how the changes in the recent history of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe towards a more militaristic, political organisation change affection for beloved characters. Will be interesting to see future blog posts on this … Continue reading

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The Truth About Angels?

I’m still working on material on angels and popular culture, so this was an interesting read for another person’s spin on that. The Truth About Angels in the Bible – The Daily Beast.

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Apocalypse Songs

Thinking about how I can work these into the THEOLOGY 101/101G week on popular culture and biblical apocalyptic literature. – Friday Mixtape: The Catchiest Pop Songs about the Apocalypse.

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Urban fantasy on my mind

I’ve just finished reading Paul Cornell’s “London Falling,” part of the growing genre of urban fantasy which juxtaposes the everyday world with a parallel, invisible world visible to those with the eyes to see. In this particular case it mixes … Continue reading

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Gender Through Comic Books | MOOC

An interesting looking online course Gender Through Comic Books | Canvas Network that partners a study of gender in comics with required reading materials being available to purchase through digital comic providers (in this case, Comixology). Wondering if such a … Continue reading

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Updating the door – Here come the warrior nuns!

During February my office door was covered in images of angels in popular culture. For March I’ve decided to go with warrior nuns in comic book culture. So my door now looks like this. I may add some more to … Continue reading

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Superman and Philosophy: First chapter available for free – The Comics Professor

I’ve got “Green Lantern and Philosophy: No Evil Shall Escape this Book” and Superheroes: The Best of Philosophy and Pop Culture (Free on Kindle) so I’ll be reading this on the train to see whether to get the book. Superman … Continue reading

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Christianity, Rene Girard, and The Hunger Games

A link from a while back, but I was reminded about it today when talking to one of our PhD students who has the essay “Sacred Men and Sacred Goats: Mimetic Theory in Levitical and Passion Intertext” in this recent … Continue reading

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