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Protestant Technology Myths

An interesting post over at Michael Sacasas’ “The Frailest Thing” on what he names the myth around the relationship between technology and Protestant Christianity, which he describes like this: The myth, briefly stated in intentionally anachronistic terms, runs something like this. … Continue reading

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Insidious pedagogy: How course management systems affect teaching

This article is a little old now, but it does point out how the learning management systems we choose to use (or have thrust upon us by our institutions) shape how we actually teach, rather than being shaped by pedagogy … Continue reading

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Starting project – blogging software

One of my tasks for getting the blog back up and going is to look at how software for the Mac, Windows and iOS has progressed over the past few years. I like using a client to write blog posts, … Continue reading

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Internet tsunami?

From TidBITS: Thoughts Prompted by Google Reader’s Demise, which came through in the email digest today. Just as email isn’t broken, RSS readers aren’t broken, and social networking services aren’t broken. We’re broken, because we’re both finite and hardwired to … Continue reading

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Why Technology Can’t Fulfill

Following on from The Technium: Technophilia a few weeks back, Kevin Kelly reflects on the place of appropriate technology – minimalism that gives rise to freedom and options in life. See The Technium: Why Technology Can’t Fulfill. I wonder if … Continue reading

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76 Reasonable Questions to ask about any technology

Andii at Nouslife points to this nice summary list of questions Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory A. Boyd: 76 Reasonable Questions to ask about any technology by Jacques Ellul.

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‘EcoHome’ and ‘An Earth Without Us’

MONDOLITHIC STUDIOS – EcoHome – Artist’s impression (and accompanying text) on sustainable dwellings produced for National Geographic Kids. MONDOLITHIC STUDIOS – An Earth Without Us – Again, artistic representation (& text) about how our technologized landscape might change if all … Continue reading

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