Searching For A New Hero?

A reflection on how the changes in the recent history of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe towards a more militaristic, political organisation change affection for beloved characters. Will be interesting to see future blog posts on this theme.

I’m of the view that the scope of the changes to the GL mythos, and the fact that they happened over a reasonably long time (10 years) means that the radicalness of them crept up on people, rather than with a (yet another) dramatic reboot of the character.

See A Comic Fan Searches For A New Hero: Introduction | Political Jesus.

Australian universities response to proposed copyright reforms

A link to Universities Australia response to proposed copyright reforms in Australia and how that might affect higher education.

Happy 10 year blogoversary

10 years ago when was a year into my PhD in Theology I started this blog as a way to help me organize links and other material that I came across in my research. 10 years on the blog is still going – albeit in less intense kind of way. I’ve moved through Blogger, Movable Type, and WordPress – each of which had their own advantages. I’ve made some good friends and acquaintances along the way, and learnt a lot from other bloggers – many of whom I try to follow if they’re active. I’m often surprised to come across people at conferences who have seen something on it from time to time.

I’m not sure if this blog will be there in another 10 years time, but I hope so. Interesting to see the original blog roll – something that seems to have slipped off many blogs now.

Some changes in the look of the blog over time:

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Online course on science and religion

Looks interesting – for a chance to look at the syllabus for the course if nothing else.

See: Online course on science and religion at the University of Alberta.

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Passing on the Faith: The Childrens Sermon

I do children’s talks on a regular basis at my church. I find them challenging, but on the whole they seem well received by both children and adults. Because of that I particularly bit near the end of this article where he talks about the importance of creating a welcoming environment – one of the reasons I always try to sit on the floor or steps with the children, not on a chair ‘over’ them.

See A Test Case in Passing on the Faith: The Childrens Sermon.

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