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It didn’t rain on Saturday (Yay!) so we went up the road to the Waitakere’s with some friends and their family to go walking in the forest up there. It’s great to be only 10-15 minutes drive from the Waitakere forest park. Anyway it was hot and muggy but the kids all trooped through the trees and down the hill to track down a 600 year old Kauri tree. The walk back up nearly did me in (very unfit) carrying my 1 year old son on my back and my 3 year old daughter (can’t walk, Daddy!) back up to the Arataki car park. Great to be in amongst the bush though with great views and a sense of permanence of land and it’s ability to recover from human activity. Viriditas.

Took a panoramic shot looking back south from Arataki over the Manakau Harbour. The land drops away from you sharply toward the reservoir giving a sense that you’re floating over the bush. (Click on image for larger view)

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