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Too tired to blog anything much for the next few days. Went to the discussion day with Brian Walsh at Cityside Baptist yesterday. Intellectually stimulating as well as a good time to talking and eating with all sorts of interesting people (including Paul). Big thanks to Andrew (at CCSP) and Mark (at Cityside) for putting it together.

Also going to create a “Lent” category to generate a set of resources for the Lenten season. Over time I’ll add bits and pieces in there.

Oh, and Maggi has an good posting “Postmodern Church; Antediluvian Attitude?” over on her blog.

Very busy week coming up with Kim working extra hours, kid stuff needing attention and lectures starting next week. And somewhere along the way I need to do some more on my critique of models/categories of science-religion interaction.

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  1. Nice to meet you too Stephen…the virtual becomes embodied 🙂

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