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Presentation software and rules

Nouslife: slide presentations -the rules broadens (and includes) Andrew Jones insights) on “rules” and observations on using presentation software. Some helpful stuff there. Almost a year ago I blogged Greenflame: PowerPoint Is Good/Evil on similar themes. I’m still looking for my “killer app” for presentations. Inspiration comes close and I’ll probably buy a copy in the next month or so but the integration with Powerpoint (or similar) was less than optimal last time I checked.


  1. Tim

    Do look at PowerBullet (that I mentioned a while back, it’s free, it produces Flash and (if you avoid the worst animations) it gives quick results e.g:

  2. i used g-force ( for 3 years and then arkaos which i am very happy with. if i was smarter and geekier, i would give Isadora a try.
    thanks for the link!

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