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Philosophy : A Guide to Happiness

Just had the video of Alain de Botton’s Philosophy : A Guide to Happiness out of the library for the week (I don’t think it ever made it onto NZ TV). It’s a television version of his book The Consolations of Philosophy where he summarizes what six different philosophers said about things like love, self-esteem and anger (one philosopher per topic) and how that might give wisdom for living in the everyday.

It was the format of the episodes (30 mins each) that attracted my attention (the content did too). Started wondering whether you could do that same thing with theologians – pick 6-8 theological figures and then look at how each one might relate to an aspect of the Christian life. Turn each into a short video for use in class or with discussion groups. Emphasis upon the practice of faith.

BTW – my favourite part of the video was in the Epicurus on happiness/good living episode where an advertising agency is approached to develop ads that counter consumerism.

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  1. Seems like a great idea to me…perhaps they could also reflect on how they see theology “reading,” and resourcing everyday life…

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