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Don’t you hate it when your kids know more than you do?

Saw the slogan above (or very similar to this) on lots of posters pasted up around the Massey public library the other day. I immediately thought it was a promotion to get more adults to use the library, but on closer inspection, it’s a “Treaty of Waitangi” information campaign.

Then in the mail the other day (in the Listener, I think) we get a flyer about the Treaty of Waitangi web site, along with information about a new series of books that you can order for free about it – Called respectively “the Story of the Treaty,” “The Journey of the Treaty,” and “Timeline of the Treaty.” (Others coming later.) It’s part of the $6 million set aside by the State a while back to develop the Treaty of Waitangi Information Programme.

So I’ve surfed over there and ordered some books and had a browse around. I don’t imagine it will meet everybody’s demands as to what is relevant or needs to be included/deleted, but it’s worthwhile going to have a look at.

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