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Random thoughts at the end of the day

Up to my ears in footnotes (interesting anatomical imagery comes to mind) so haven’t had much time recently for blogging. However, a few random thoughts at the end of the day.

  • Congratulations to the Black Ferns for winning the Women’s Rugby World Cup for the third successive time. Awesome.
  • Wellington 26 – Canterbury 24. Someone buy Ma’a Nonu a drink.
  • Finally got hold of Green Lantern #13 to finish reading the story arc started in GL #10. Many comments that may come out later but from a research point of view the story made for an interesting clash of cyborg ideologies. The review here was pretty spot on and of the four parts of the arc it was probably the weakest.
  • Fanfare about the iTunes Music Store and new iPods etc. in the email starts to grate a little when NZ still doesn’t even have a ITMS for downloading music. Ah, the joys of being in a digital backwater.
  • Bizarre iPod accessory of the week – the iBreath – a combination FM tuner and breathalyzer. Really.
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