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Contract God Cv 300Contractwithgod Old Cv 300Finally picked up a copy of Will Eisner’s A Contract With God today from the public library where I’ve been swotting for the thesis defence. Looking forward to reading it sometime next week, as it’s held as a classic in the history of comic books. (More at A Contract with God – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

This semi-autobiographical work captures with pen and ink the drama of the city and its all-too-human inhabitants. Set in the same Bronx neighborhood as later works Dropsie Avenue and A Life Force, the four stories that comprise the book — “A Contract With God”, “The Street Singer”, “The Super” and “Cookalein” — examine the world of immigrant life in New York City in the 1930s with a unique look at the emotion and character of its denizens

6900 180X270And, though I’m on a comic buying ban at the moment, I’m sorely tempted to go into town and track down issues of ACTION COMICS #848 (Redemption – Pt.1) and #849 (Redemption – Pt.2). What if the baby Superman had been raised by fundamentalist Christians or a cult? The premise looks intriguing as both the depowered Clark Kent and the re-powered Superman investigate such a situation.

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Reviews here that make me want to add them to my collection of comics that contain religious themes.

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