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The Theology of Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons

As someone who finds the plots threads of new Battlestar Galactic series intrigues (and intersecting with my own research in some ways) I’ve been interested in the various religious themes that come up from time to time (Cylon religion, reincarnation, transcendence). So it was nice to find this Beliefnet interview with a creator of the series: The Theology of Battlestar Galactica’s Cylons —

Hat tip to Kevin Kelly — The Technium — Holy Technology


  1. There is a lot of great recent sci-fi on religious themes, but Battlestar Galactica is the most impressive of those currently running, I think.

    There are a lot of blogs and web sites devoted to discussing these topics – see my own blog at and some of the other blogs in my blogroll.

    I hope that, once you’ve finished your PhD, you’ll have the time and opportunity to write on this subject!

  2. Hi James,

    Thanks for the comment and the blog link – I’ll check it out.

    I’ve got a handle of ideas to do with religion, science fiction and comics to turn into articles, which hopefully I’ll have time to do now that PhD graduation is finally behind me. Of course, any links to jobs connected theology, media, popular culture and technology greatly appreciated 🙂

    Science fiction does seem to be a ‘safe’ place to explore metaphysical and religious questions, in a way that other genres aren’t. I think Stephen May, in his book Stardust and Ashes: Science Fiction in Christian Perspective. (London: SPCK, 1998), comments on that, as does Lelia Green in her book Technoculture: From Alphabet to Cybersex. (Crowsnest, NSW: Allen and Unwin, 2002).

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