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Your picks for the End of the World

I’m looking for suggestions for the TV episodes and films that incorporate apocalyptic biblical material and themes.

Any suggestions or favourites out there?


  1. There was a lot running through the whole series in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    There’s also an episode of Dr. Who where he meets the devil.

    I feel like there are others that should come to mind but haven’t…

  2. Southland Tales (draws parallels between biblical apocalypse, politics and religious fanaticism)
    End of Days (blech)
    Dawn of the Dead (only in that the Apocalypse is brought up in dialogue)
    Lost Souls, The Omen and Constantine (these three aren’t really apocalytic in the biblical sense, but point toward the coming of a third age, i.e. the rule of the antichrist)

  3. Oh, and there’s also the Rapture, which I loved (but I think that’s only because David Duchovny was in it).

  4. Oh man, how could I forget Stephen King’s The Stand? The best apolcalytpic fantasy out there (in print – telemovie was disgraceful).

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