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“Friending” as a Spiritual Practice?

The day started well yesterday. We had a really good session in the postgrad class ‘Science, Technology, Media and God’ looking at religion and spirituality in the online space, as well as some ethical thoughts on that, and then when I emerged from that there was a copy of “Friending: Real Relationships in a Virtual World from Lynne Baab waiting in the mail. Something to set as reading for the next time I teach the class, or for next year’s undergrad religion and media course that I’m waiting for approval on.


You can read a preview here

There’s also this interview here – Social Media “Friending” as a Spiritual Practice? A Q&A with Lynne Baab – Flunking Sainthood

(Will have a quick skim through tomorrow and see if it’s got anything useful for my ACADPRAC project hiding in it).

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