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Environment, Faith & Religion

Thinking ecologically

A couple of links for people thinking about the integration of faith and ecology (including the socio-economic issues that go with that).

Creation Care Study Program: “CCSP readily awaits adventure seeking, Biblically minded students, who want to take on the challenge of learning how to care for God’s earth and all its creatures – both human and non-human.” (Current Asia-Pacific directors are Kiwis and the South Pacific programme includes time in Samoa, Great Barrier Island and the South Island.)

Also the “Certificate in Science and Spirituality” offered by Union I&U and the Oxford Institute includes a travel course on “Wilderness and Imagination” based in the South Island. More details at: Union I&U – Certificate in Science and Spirituality – Course 676. (I have no knowledge about the overall programme – just interested in seeing NZ appear in a course like this).

The journal Pacifica (Volume 13 Number 2 June 2000) also contains papers from the NZATS conference on ecotheology. Abstracts here.