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I blog therefore I am?

In a lecture the other week a student asked me in a lecture whether I felt any pressure to write blog entries. Did I feel incomplete or stressed if I hadn’t posted anything for a day or so? My answer was, in good lecturer fence-sitting style, “yes” and “no”.

I don’t think that I need to post things in order to be. Sometimes I read blogs and think that the person is simply filling in the gaps to prove to others and themselves that they still exist – “I blog therefore I am.” So, if like for the last week, life is such that posting is inconvenient or impossible then I don’t lose (too much) sleep over my blog just lying here in cyberspace.

On the other hand blogging helps me collate information and ideas as I come across them. It’s like a diary or journal (my first blog was called “Web Wanderings”, a travelogue). The danger being that you can hang yourself out far more publically than in a diary.

When Paul talks of “praying without ceasing” I imagine that has a lot in common with blogging. In fact prayer might be thought of “blogging with God”. Daily ramblings, concerns, joys, hopes, disappointments all written on a divine web log. With space of course for a comments field 🙂

Maybe I should be more concerned when that blog has no entries for a few days.