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Techno-spirituality (cont)

Feel like my head is going to explode. I’ve got about 10 different competing ideas running around about this topic for Saturday – each of which I think are interesting and relevant. Some include:

  1. The use of Teilhard de Chardin’s work to describe the Internet/cyberspace as the evolution of a “global consciousness”
  2. Groups who include IT technology into their rituals and practices (e.g. technopaganism)
  3. A Christian spirituality that is faithful to the gospel and contextualised to Western technoculture
  4. New “religious” stories, such as transhumanism, that seek transcendence of the human condition via technology
  5. Issues to do with social justice, the “Digital Divide” and how that relates to the Kingdom of God
  6. Ecological consequences of technology and its relation to the image of God and stewardship

Hopefully it will be clearer in the morning. (And I can figure out how to include a “Babylon 5” reference into the work).

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