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Really enjoyed the talks at the IT, Culture and Church on Saturday. (More information and discussion at the ITCC web site:

Kirsten’s approach to the integrating electronic media with the Gen 32 text on “wrestling the angel” showed the potential for different ways to encounter the text in biblical studies as well as opening doors in my mind for using blogging as part of a communitarian hermeneutical spiral.

Steve’s talk was (as expected) imaginative. The creation of new “monastic” communities of faith – what might the techno-cultural equivalents of medievalism’s monastries and abbeys be? Those centres of learning, skills, knowledge and education – across all aspects of human existence. What might a creative, prayerful, spiritual communities of “monks” look like today? (One possibility is nextscribe ubiqsie a Roman Catholic incarnation of this idea).

Rachel’s talk on the Census at School project was an excellent overview identifying issues to do with data collection, working with children and teachers online, and some implications of the “digital divide”. (Plus some open-source techy bits and a informative demo of the system).

One thing that came afterwards is how to publish things like this. How should the individual’s intellectual property and effort be protected while at the same time making resources available to encourage others and to become part of their creative processes and engagement. I’m still thinking this out. I want my resources to be used for the Kingdom by others but I don’t want to be misrepresented or for them to be credited to others. So I’m thinking about Creative Commons licencing (Click on the link for a helpful FLASH movie introducing it).

Any thoughts on how that works from those who’ve used it.

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