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Gutted (Mostly)

Australia played brilliantly (All credit to the opposition – literally!). New Zealand played badly (didn’t seem to have a “Plan A”, let alone a “Plans B, C & D”). We lost. They won. Feel very sad.

But somehow it wasn’t as bad as 1999. Maybe having lots of friends around for a barbeque, board games, sharing the “pain” etc. made all the difference.

It got me thinking about the importance of community for coming through hard times (not just rugby tests). It still hurts but it helps to have others who are or haved suffered too and are able to get you to laugh (at yourself often). (Still this is probably just rationalising a a deep sense that “we were robbed” 🙂 )

Darren has an Australian view over at his blog: LivingRoom >> A space for Life: Rugby World Cup – Go Australia

Don’t even mention the cricket.

Go France!

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