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Technology as spiritual quest

Trying to finish a paper for a conference in about a weeks time (4-5 Dec) on the spiritual nature of technology and in particular the spiritual narratives that are found in technological agendas. Here’s the abstract.

This paper focuses on the religious and spiritual narratives that are interacting with emergent technologies and in particular with the concept of cyberspace. Rather than being “spiritually-neutral”? evidence can be found for technologists being motivated by religious concepts from Christianity, Gnosticism, Eastern religions and neo-Paganism in their desire to create and use these technologies. On one hand these concepts produce new versions of the gospel complete with apocalyptic “technoraptures”?, while on the other existing religious stories are used as analogies and inspiration for technological developments. As a result the emergence of new technologies provides both challenges and opportunities for theological dialogue with wider Western techno-culture.

Hopefully in a couple of days time the paper will be finished. (It had better be)

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