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Theology and Science with Anabaptist insight

Just started reading Nancey Murphy’s book Reconciling Theology and Science: A Radical Reformation Perspective and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I notice that in the section on Theology and the Social Sciences there is a section on the New Zealand experience of Restorative Justice. Quite unusual for a US book to notice something down here in Godzone.

Most science & religion books are pretty esoteric, dealing with issues at a theoretical level, but this one seems grounded in the reality of having to live in this world. Murphy claims that

Christianity has primarily to do with real life, here and now. It is only secondarily about life in the hereafter; it is more about changing the world than interpreting its “meaning.” Doctrine is important in that it constitutes presuppositions of the way we live.

She works to bring themes such as anti-violence from the Anabaptist and other radical reformation traditions into dialogue with the science and theology debate. Should be an interesting read.

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