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Reality and the roof

David Lyon once wrote “Reality refuses to go away, even when the air is thickly postmodern.” It was a quote I remembered today when we lost a bit of our roof. A clear, calm day in Auckland – light breeze and no rain. Then about 3pm this afternoon a single huge gust of wind, the house shook and then a second or two later a loud bang followed by several smaller ones.

On checking we’d lost a tile from one of the ridges of the roof over the rumpus room which left a nice big hole looking inside the house. This being Auckland it’s bound to rain soon and this being NZ it’s a public holiday today – no roofing people available. So it’s covered up with plastic and bricks until someone, better qualified than me, can fix things back together.

It was bizarre. We haven’t had a breath of wind since. And “act of God” perhaps?

Made me put my discussions on contemporary culture, emerging churches etc. into perspective. Food, shelter and water refuse to be deconstructed. Maybe that is why when we feed, clothe and shelter others we do it to Christ as well.

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