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Cooking with Gas

I’ve been busy getting things moved over to Movable Type this week. The blog content has been imported and categorised but comments will have been lost (sorry).

I’ll blog about the process for doing this later but in the meantime I’ll note that while I’ve looked at this under variety of Mac browsers and IE 5+ for Windows 98 and 2000 it may break in places. CSS just doesn’t work right on every browser. Leave a comment if you can and I’ll work on it.

I’ve updated the Viriditas page and now you can get an RSS feed too.

Now, back to my research.


  1. nice new look, stephen. I’m just figuring out what to do with mine… need something more like a site with connectable pages, I think. V. difficult for a technophobe like me…

  2. Thanks Maggi for the feedback.

    There are a few things around that allow you to add in pages etc. but you tend to need to either pay for them and/or have access to an internet server that allows you to install your own software. phpWebSite is one I’ve used before (see for a site I set up with it)

    However, having said that some systems that you can subscribe to (e.g. Movable Type and maybe Typepad) allow you to upload files (like Word documents) as attachments and make postings with links to the documents. By categorising postings you could organise them that way.

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