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A Brand New Day

First day lecturing in the new semester today. New college (Carey Baptist College) and a new course Humanity and Hope – “An exploration of the Christian understanding of the nature of human beings and the concept of Christian hope.”
Some really good topics here including the nature of the human person, understandings of the soul and image of God, sexuality, being human in the contemporary (technocultural) world, as well as themes of (eschatological) hope for creation, individuals and communities.
Allows for the interplay of the doctrines of humanity and creation with eschatology within a contemporary context.
Nice crossing over between my thesis and the course content. Also nice to be co-lecturing it with Martin Sutherland.


  1. I hope that all goes well – the first day of an adventure…

  2. I’m not certain, but I think that’s the Martin Sutherland who came to King’s COllege London on sabbatical – about 5 years ago – and did a great paper on Edward Irving, Coleridge, and “historical theology”. If it’s the same guy – lucky you!

  3. Yes, it’s the same person! Martin is one of my PhD supervisors though Auckland Uni (Carey is part of the university’s School of Theology). Wow – a “world famous” supervisor.

  4. I don’t remember now whether it ended up in the final PhD thesis or whether it was in the papers leading up to it – but a number of times I quoted his paper – which was on something like ‘Historical theology – conversation with the saints’ and took up some of his ideas on method. Excellent stuff.

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