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Hoiho: Yellow-eyed Penguins

Steve’s posting, e~mergent kiwi: world:views, about the Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin) has been rattling around inside my head this week as I think about “the new heaven and the new earth” found in the Christian hope.

Made me stop and think about the penguins, who appear on cheese wrappers sometime – buy this brand of cheese and help save the penguins. Realized I didn’t know anymore than that about them so went and did some looking for more information on them.

Some good web links can be found at:
Hoiho resources. They have links to most of the other NZ penguin related sites and images of them.

Also the children’s section of the local library had the book Helping the Hoiho. by Dean Schneider. (Published by Shortland Publications, 1995.) on display today – looked like it had some good practical information too.

You can hear the penguins by clicking: here (.au file)

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  1. very cool penguin noises – some good surfing their my friend.

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