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Couple of potentially useful MacOS X software apps came across my scanner over the last few days.

Firstly ImageWell is an excellent little (free!) app that you drop and image onto and it posts it to the web location (iDisk, FTP, WebDAV) you choose (or the default). And it allows you to perform cropping, scaling, basic editting etc. in the image before it goes up the line. Great for dropping a set of pictures onto, having then automatically scaled etc., and then posted to your images directory. Saves having to fire up Fireworks/Dreamweaver or Graphic Converter to do the job and then manually upload the images.

Secondly, Open Door Networks have a beta of their Envision app out now. It allows you to enter a URL and it will grab all the images it finds there (filtering banners etc.) and then present them in a slide show. You could set up different directorys of images on a single web server and then run demonstrations or slideshows remotely without having to remember to take the files with you provided you have a WiFi or other internet connection.

I’m sure there are similar Windows apps out there too. If so let me know and I’ll add them to the posting.

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