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On the bookshelf

Cleared myself of lectures for a while and marking is still a week or two away so it’s time to have a look at some of the books waiting on my bookshelf.

Participating in God: Creation and Trinity by Samuel M. Powell is part of Fortess Press’ series “Theology and the Sciences”. Looks like it has some useful comments on technology in it.

Light from the East: Theology, Science, and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition by physicist Alexei V. Nesteruk has some extended discussions on the nature of the human person which also looks helpful to the thesis. It’s another in the Fortress Press series.

Taking the Red Pill: Science, Philosophy and Religion in The Matrix edited by Glenn Yeffeth is a collection of essays on topics intersecting with my research interests in virtual reality and AI. Some of the essays have been published elsewhere (e.g. Peter B. Lloyd’s, GLITCHES IN THE MATRIX . . . AND HOW TO FIX THEM) but hopefully it’ll be worthwhile dipping into.

Tip of the ice berg really. If there’s an earthquake (a real possibility here in NZ) I’ll in danger of being pummelled to death by falling books I should have read by now. Also, trying to find time to read Douglas Coupland’s “Hey, Nostrodamus”, the collection of short stories in “Disco 2000” edited by Sarah Champion, Cynthia West’s “Techno-Human Mesh”, Edward Tenner’s “Our Own Devices” and David Noble’s “The Religion of Technology”.

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  1. Nice to hear your voice again Stephen…I’m down to the last 40 pages of “Hey Nostradamus”….Other than busyness I hope all is well with the Garner household.

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