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Science, Technology & Religion

Thinking along the same lines

Always nice to find someone else who’s thinking about the same questions as you. In his paper “Science, Technology and Mission” Ronald Cole-Turner writes,

Can theology � that communal process by which the church�s faith seeks to understand � can theology aim at understanding technology? Can we put the words God and technology together in any kind of meaningful sentence? Can theology guess what God is doing in today�s technology? Or by our silence do we leave it utterly godless? Can we have a theology of technology that comprehends, gives meaning to, dares to influence the direction and set limits to this explosion of new powers?

See: Cole-Turner, Ronald. “Science, Technology and Mission.” In The Local Church in a Global Era: Reflections for a New Century, ed. Max L. Stackhouse, Tim Dearborn and Scott Paeth, 100-112. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2000.

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