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Weaving with the Spirit and the Teacher

Take an existing house group study topic – Ecclesiastes and the speculative wisdom of the Teacher – as a starting colour.

Draw in the threads of Maggi’s reflections on the disciples waiting after the Ascension as Christ commanded them to.

Weave it together with the Teacher’s reflections on there being different times or seasons in life.

There is a time for action, and a time for waiting.

Weave it in.

Mesh in some thoughts on the different journeys that the disciples had in coming “through the door” into the upper room and to Pentecost. (Thomas – doubt, Peter – denial, and others like Mary Magdalene – the empty tomb, Mary the mother of Jesus – the death of a son).

Weave it together.

Braid in one of the responsive pieces, “Doors”, from the Pentecost section of Jonny Baker’s book Alternative Worship.

Weave it in.

Entwine Steve’s e~mergent kiwi: pentecost confession near the end.

Weave it all together and try it on for size.

Thanks to all who contribute their own colours and textures of yarn. Much appreciated.

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  1. Well done Stephen…

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