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A prayer at Pentecost

Good comments by Steve at e~mergent kiwi: pentecost evening about the Spirit at Pentecost fulfilling the hope that all, not just a few select ones, are now able to receive, partake in and enjoy the Spirit of God.

Reminds me of this prayer I found a few years back.

Lord, help us to discover the fervour of the early Christians
And the power of the first evangelisation,
That morning of Pentecost, as it started
In the cenacle of Jerusalem
Where your disciples, with Mary, gathered in prayer,
Awaited, Father, the fulfillment of your promise.
Give us the grace to be renewed
‘In Spirit and in fire.’
Teach us to speak to the world in tongues of fire,
Let us bring to an end this time of uncertainty
Where Christians are timid and mute
Discussing anxiously problems of today,
As in the past on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus,
Without realising that the Master is risen and alive.

Cardinal Leon-Joseph Suenens,
extract from ‘Prayer for the Year 2000’.

I like how Pentecost has gone on for me this year. Not just a Sunday morning but the whole week as I read different people reflections, comments and interaction with it.

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