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anzatsposter2004.jpgSo it’s Friday – the birds are singing, the sun is shining and life is good. The dark hours (or “long, dark teatime of the soul”) of another Thursday have departed.

Had a nice morning visiting another theology PhD student, drinking excellent coffee (Phil works in a shop specializing in coffee machines) and chatting about life as a post-grad with kids.

Also, found out today that I’d been awarded a scholarship to attend the annual ANZATS (Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools) conference in Melbourne in a few weeks time. I thought that it was a long shot when I applied but I’m jetting over the Tasman in early July.

The conference is entitled “The Glory of God: Humanity Fully Alive” and the key note speakers are talking on the Eastern Orthodox contribution to theology. Should be good for me as my thesis and recent teaching have used and commented upon Orthodox insights.

More conference details at:
United Faculty of Theology
ANZATS ConferencePage

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  1. Congratulations mate. It sounds like a bit of me too…

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