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Deep Time

An idea for documenting the changes in urban landscapes in the US. It’s nice to see people thinking about the depth of time, rather than the fact that their email wasn’t delivered in 5 seconds. The concept is for cameras to capture 1000 years of history through time-lapse photography.

I especially like the idea of having time-lapse cameras to track urban growth or wilderness destruction.Mara Vatz’ alternative looks good too.

Instead of documenting the changes of already well-developed urban areas for a millennium, why not put a camera over America’s as-yet undeveloped open space for just one decade? That way people could see, in a three-minute film, just how quickly we are devouring the last of the American “wilderness.” Or, in keeping with Raimi’s urban theme, document a decade’s worth of growth for small- to medium-sized cities. The results might have interesting implications for city planning and urban development.


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