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Following up on several of recent Steve’s postings on How do we go deep? here’s a crowd that claim to have recognised the lack of depth in the general media and blogging. Their alternative is to produce detail 5-20 page “manifestoes” to be copied, shared and transmitted across cyberspace with a view to soliciting comments and deeper thinking. They argue,

In the Internet (and especially blogging), we see the glimpse of an alternative. Taken over time, many of the best blogs create a thoughtful, useful argument that actually teaches readers something.
Alas, blogging is falling into the same trap as many other forms of media. The short form that works so well online attracts more readers than the long form. Worse, most blogs stake out an emotional position and then preach to the converted, as opposed to challenging people to think in a new way.

I’ll be watching to see if it’s productive.

See: ChangeThis.

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