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Virtual Theology

There have been various threads of discussion recently in the blogosphere about the depth of blogging and its role as a medium for doing theology. (See Maggi (1) & (2), Steve (1) & (2), Dan and me (1) & (2). (As well as many others out there)

For some it represents the cutting edge of theological endeavour, for others a forum to enter into that domain for a first time, and for some it serves as a useful outlet for the “traditional” theology they do.

I’ve been asked to participate in a colloquium on “virtual theology” early next year and one of the possible topics to address is: Does the fluidity of digital media create a different world-view affecting how theology is done?

Themes such as the nature of authority, multiplicity and simultaneity of information, and virtual presence will all come up at some point.

So I watch with interest the ongoing discussion.

The colloquium is sponsored by the RJ Thompson Centre for Theological Studies here in Auckland and aims to bring a group of trans-Tasman (Australasian) scholars to explore and discuss themes related to doing theology (& related disciplines) in the context of an electronic world. The coordinator is Tim Bulkeley (who also blogs here: SansBlogue).


  1. d

    good day, Stephen. who is sponsoring your colloquium?

  2. i’ve just been asked to turn up, but you get a real life title. congratulations.

  3. Thanks Steve. Dan, I’ve added the sponsor and contact details onto the main post.

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