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Nice quote seen over at jonnybaker: rushkoff on blogging who adds his own sping onto it. He’s highlighted a chunk of Douglas Rushkoff’s The Real Threat of Blogs.

I believe that the most dangerous thing about blogs to the status quo is that so many of them exist for reasons other than to make money. A thriving community of people who are engaged for free, to me, have a certain authority that people doing things for money don’t.

Likewise, I believe the greatest power of the blog is not just its ability to distribute alternative information – a great power, indeed – but its power to demonstrate a mode of engagement that is not based on the profit principle.

In particular he asserts that the Internet, and blogging, move people outside of the traditional market-driven activities of consumption and production. In a sense, they become subversives.

Some ideas here that might be useful for Saturday’s talk on Jesus, the Internet and technology.

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