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Is our DNA Sacred?

Came across this today while trawling some blogs I visit on an irregular basis. Paradoxology: Is Our DNA Sacred? has some commentary and some interesting third party comments on Lutheran theologian Ted Peter’s perspective on cloning and stem cell research. (See Response: The Seattle Pacific University Magazine – Summer 2004 | Volume 26, Number 7 | Features – Is Our DNA Sacred?)

I’m currently reading Ted Peter’s essay “Cloning Shock – A Theological Reaction.” (In Human Cloning : Religious Responses, ed. Ronald Cole-Turner, 12-24. Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 1997.) as I work on an article on Christian social justice and technology so it was good to get another insight into the thought of someone who has a more nuanced approach to biotechnology than the “Just say ‘No!'” crowd. Not that I would agree with all he says but he is right to note that the issues surrounding biotechnology generate a range of religious responses.

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