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Great day

Had an amazing day today with lots of friends who came around for a day long gathering (11am through to the last people leaving around 9pm). No special reason – just time for friends and their families to come, share some food and drink and catch up with each other and meet some new people. The weather came to the party with a warm, sunny day so the kids could play with water ourside as well as getting in some cricket.

Lots of fun, lots of laughter and lots of special people. Not to mention the odd glass of “Black Brute” and “Old Thumper” beers from the heart of Waitakere, mussels on the BBQ for dinner courtesy of Andrew & Ingrid, and some of Lynette’s excellent chocolate cake.

Big thanks to Fromonts (Leamington) and Graham C (Pirongia) who tripped all the way up from the Waikato for the day as well as to all the other “locals” who came too.

Kim and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (as did our kids) and are now somewhat exhausted (but in a nice way).

[Late Addition] How could I have forgotten Mark Forman’s poetry readings (and pretty good Sam Hunt intonation reading Hunt’s “Porirua Friday Night”).


  1. Mark

    It was a brilliant day! You guys are great hosts…You forgot to mention the poetry, and my Sam Hunt impression…

  2. Stephen & Kim
    Thanks again. It was a great day. I continue to be amazed at the wonder of networks, the way people connect, the ways friendships grow etc. We really enjoyed ourselves – you were great hosts. Clearly, looking at Mark’s comments above, we left too early…

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