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Christmas Eve

Well, it’s a couple of hours until Christmas Day – the lights are twinkling outside the house, we’ve been to the children’s Christmas Eve celebration that Kim helped organise at church, toured around the neighbourhood looking at lights, and things are beginning to settle down (still a child or two trying to stay awake). One of our next door neighbours just gave us a big box filled with baking (muffins, cakes, caramel-chocolate slice) which was a nice surprise.

Quiet day tomorrow – church in the morning, a light lunch and hopefully a backyard game of cricket in the afternoon. Kim’s folks are here and we’ll have a couple of other friends over during the day too. Then on Boxing Day, if the weather improves, most of the family are off to the one day cricket at Eden Park (NZ-Sri Lanka).

Blogging will probably slow down (cease?) over the next week. I’ve appreciated reading various people’s blogs concerning advent and Christmas. Some really good things to think about – too many to note (Stu’s postings have been helpful in getting me thinking about what I value about Christmas and what things I should change).

So Seasons Greeting to all and may Christ become more real, more incarnate, to you this season.

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