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Home Library Software

Kim’s reorganised all the fiction books in the house, bought two new bookshelves, and we’re now at the point where we’ve run out of space for books in the interim. (Barring building a new room or putting the kids in a tent.)

Looking at all the books (plus the non-fiction and my own work-related library) has me thinking about doing an electronic inventory. I know Delicious Monster is available for Mac OS X 10.3 (but I’m still on Jaguar) so any suggestions for Windows or Mac software that can take the ISBN and complete the record would be helpful. EndNote would do at a pinch but some sort of borrower list would be good. (At the moment we use the notebook & pencil system.)

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  1. No advice, but would we interested in what you discover that works with Windows…I have a huge cataloging job ahead of me too. Tried an EXCEL spreadsheet, but it’s just too labour intensive.

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