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Ecto and offline blogging

Finally bit the bullet and bought Ecto so I could write posts off line and edit them more easily than in a web browser. I found that Safari wouldn’t refresh edits properly due to the upstream cache and Firefox (under Mac OS X 10.2) didn’t render the edit boxes properly. I would have preferred to go with MarsEdit but when I went there I couldn’t find a version that ran under 10.2. Ecto is available for both 10.2 and 10.3 which means that I can use it while I wait to upgrade (I’m holding off because I think it will break EndNote which is more critical to thesis writing than 10.3).

Also bought the Windows version which I’m writing this with (I’m a sucker for a half-price sale) which is now installed on the Acer. Then if Kim or the kids need to blog then we’re ready to go.

So far so good. Just need to configure it so it hums along nicely.

I used to have a copy of Kung-Log (ecto’s predecessor) which was free but deleted it before I switched to Movable Type. Now I can’t seem to find a copy anywhere on the net. Not as nice as Ecto but useful if you’re running 10.1.

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