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The Firefox Explosion

firefoxArticle from latest Wired on the development of the Firefox web browser: The Firefox Explosion

I use Firefox under OSX and WinXP. On the Mac it chugs a bit on the G3 from time-to-time but it doesn’t have any of the problems with the upstream cache that Safari has (how they [Apple] could release a browser that doesn’t have a “Refresh-or-else” capability is just nuts). On the P4 Wintel box it just works and I don’t have to worry about IE unless I need to go to a specific bit of Microsoft’s site.

I like Firefox (& Safari’s) tabbed browsing – I have various blog tab sets to load my favourite blogs at the start of a day. The RSS feed option is useful, as is the ability to add extensions. I’ve made a several search plug-ins that link into various web sites to help along the way.

But the thing that might drive me from using Firefox on the Mac is that it’s overly sensitive to the context-menu (Ctrl-click or right-click or click and hold). It’s always popping up context menus, leaving them open and I have to manually exit them. It’s like it needs a parameter to set somewhere to desensitise it but I don’t know where that is. Just a little thing that makes the browsing experience painful from time-to-time.

Hoping that the 1.1 release gets it fixed.

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