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Mother auctions her bump for advertising space

At the Virtual Theology I mentioned in passing the series of User Friendly cartoons that talked about auctioning advertising space on your body for cash. (

Now reality(?) catches up with virtuality in NZ with a pregnant woman doing just that via the main NZ online auction service. NZ Herald : Mother auctions her bump for advertising space

Reminds me of a clip I saw once over at Adbusters a while back called “Human Branding”. Cameras in a shopping mall focusing on all the different brands people paid to advertise. (It was submitted as part of a competition and it may still be floating around the internet.)


  1. stu

    have seen this guy?? i wonder how lucrative it will be when everyone jumps on this bandwagon. this guy auction his forehead for US$39 000 and is still making money on his weblog from other advertising revenue.
    makes you think really…

  2. Hmm. In fixing the comment the link got lost. Post it again?

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