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Digital Technology

Something’s wrong somewhere

XP5068Cost for a new printer drum for my laser printer ($243)
Cost for a new printer including the same drum, a (small) toner cartridge & warranty ($248)

Welcome to the disposable society – please place your old printer in the landfill on the way out the door.
And we wonder why concepts of stewardship are hard to teach.

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  1. Looks like New Zealand had a big IT dump somewhere where printers need to get out fast. Is it an American or other overseas company? I’m finding a similar situation in Australia. It used to be a problem with confectionery or wheat or rice. Now it’s becoming more and more high level manufactured goods, where mass over-production is easier for corporations to deal with than finding out the current market.

    Thanks, by the way, for plugging my blog site. Kind of you. If you can tell me how to do it, I’d like to place a link for yours on mine, as well as Tim’s and Steve’s.

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