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Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief : A Fact-Check for the Four-Color World is a group blog reality-checking comic stories. “Incredible stories in a realistic world” might be their slogan.

Thus, in the spirit of educating the public and the publishers, we here have created this group blog. We’ll complain when creators get the facts wrong, and congratulate when they get them right (and we expect there will be no shortage of the former). Some may call it nitpicking; we prefer to think of it as accuracy. It’s one thing to read about Gorilla Grodd kidnapping the President of the United States, but that same talking gorilla story suffers if the story has him abducting a supposed U.S. Prime Minister. Comics regularly expect us to believe the impossible. Making the real-world backdrop that they’re set against truly realistic makes those impossibilities easier to handle.

Maybe there’s a similar opportunity for a group blog for fact-checking sermons – I hate it when preachers assert things about the real world in order to create a world for their sermon point. There are incredible stories to be told but it’s better if they’re not set in fairyland.

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