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Image of God/Created Co-creator

The Liberating Image

Reading this paper this morning and this quote stuck out,

Humanity created in God’s image-and the church as the renewed imago Dei-is called and empowered to be God’s multi-sided prism in the world, reflecting and refracting the Creator’s brilliant light into a rainbow of cultural activity and socio-political patterns that scintillates with the glory of God’s presence and manifests his reign of justice.

Middleton, J. Richard. “The Liberating Image? Interpreting the Imago Dei in Context.” Christian Scholar’s Review 24, no. 1 (1994): 8-25.

Middleton doesn’t really unpack how the church is the renewed image of God in the article beyond the it being the rule of Christian life. The bulk of the paper being a call for theologians to take the OT consensus about the image seriously but I imagine his new book will flesh out the “body of Christ” metaphor in relation to the image of God in more detail.

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